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Parks and Wildlife Service campgrounds are not suitable locations for COVID-19 isolation.
WA’s hard border has been lifted to allow for safe quarantine-free travel into WA from interstate and overseas.
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Welcome to Parkstay

This web portal allows you to manage your advance booking of a campsite in one of our many national parks.

To make a new booking, or to find a campground in a national park, please visit the interactive map on our Explore Parks website.

Camping in our parks is limited to designated areas which have been chosen and designed to minimise the impact on the environment. For peak periods where booking is possible, you should book early to avoid disappointment as these are among our most popular campgrounds. Other campgrounds will often reach capacity early in school and public holiday periods, so plan to arrive early and have a back up plan with an alternative place to stay in case your first choice campground is full.

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Parkstay Password-less Logins

At the Department of Parks and Wildlife, we employ a password-less authentication system, meaning you never need to remember a password. When you need to login to a site, such as Wildlife Licensing, simply enter your email and an authentication link will be sent to your registered email address. From there, simply follow the link to complete the login process.